Transition of ownership of a business is still considered a process that brings a lot of unwarranted confusion. Many an awkward moment arise because employees and managers are unsure of the protocols. Add to that the complexities of varying legal structures of the businesses sold in M&As and the situation demands a team of experts to help you protect your investments and ensure the transition of ownership happens with as little strife and avoidable confusion as possible.

We focus on:

  • Guarantee Switchover: Transfer of personal guarantees, including utility bills, website administration, insurance, bank accounts, and many more items and autonomies, is a crucial phase of ownership transition. Our team ensures this phase is executed in a timely fashion so the previous owner does not control these important assets and correspondence after the ownership has changed hands.

  • New Management Vision: Similarly, we help new owners execute their vision and protocols seamlessly into the operations conducted during and after the transition of ownership. From determining how and when to announce the transition to ensure clear communication of new practices to employees for avoiding confusion, we can help you share your vision and enforce it effectively. 

  • Due Diligence: We also serve our clients with expert due diligence in the preliminary stages of the deal so that you can make informed decisions about the takeover and with all important data regarding the ownership of the acquisition target you are considering.