About Us...

Mergers and Acquisitions make for a viable solution for businesses to thrive together in great opportunities or to survive in crises, but each comes with much greater proportion of risk for the buyer than for the seller. Buyers come to us at Transition Consulting to ensure they are not getting the short stick and that their newly acquired business will not fail immediately after they take over. We ensure the transition is smooth and hold the fort for them, so to say, until they can bring a team of their own.


We are a group of professionals who are expert in the various aspects of managing businesses and successful mergers and acquisitions. We understand smooth transition during a merger or acquisition is the first step that could make or break the deal for your business’ success. Our team members have each been part of many successful M&As and know the intricacies of the process in various industries. 

Our Vision

Everyone put their ego in the same river to go forward towards the same direction. 

Our Mission

To provide smoothest transition coordination services to buyers in M&A